10 November 2010

Today I Was A Pirate

The first book I ever received was a present from my grandmother: Today I Was A Pirate. I'm pretty sure that's the book on Amazon but there's no picture so I can't be sure. I have the book at home on a shelf so I can't check the author's name.

It was an excellent book for a kid my age and got me hooked on pirates. How many little boys have a grandmother who encourages them to be a pirate? Just me.

For Halloween at ECC we had to dress up for a week. I teach at 5 different schools so I had to wear my costume five times during the week leading up to Halloween. It wasn't too bad though because I had a sweet costume:

I wasn't really going for the Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow look but this was the only pirate costume at the department store near our house. It worked out well though. All of my kids liked it (some a little too much as I ended up with significantly less black plastic hair by the end of the week) and all of my staff members were happy to pose with Jack Sparrow. The best part for me was that I looked about 8 feet tall with that hat on.

At the end of the week I realized that I should have dressed up as a pirate a long time ago. I received Today I Was A Pirate when I was 5 or 6 (I think) but Halloween week was the first time I had ever dressed up as a pirate. Sorry I took so long Grandma!


  1. Hahahaha. You look uncomfortable in that photo. But that is a pretty epic costume. Laura and I dressed up as medical people of some sort because there wasn't much choice left at the costume store the afternoon of the 31st.

    Arrrrr. Shiver me timbers. Walk the gangplank. There's some booty. Polly want a cracker?

  2. I was uncomfortable because I felt like I was wearing a puffy shirt - like in that episode of Seinfeld. Unfortunately none of my students got the reference...

  3. But you have a vest to cover the puffy shirt. It's different.

    And it's not Seinfeld, it's the Super Terrific Happy Hour…

  4. The arms are still billowy though.

    I've asked people here about the Super Terrific Happy Hour but no one knows it. When I try to explain it's a fictional show on an American sitcom they just look at me with blank stares. Or I end up explaining what a sitcom is.