15 November 2010

No Wonder We Got Seats

I forgot to post this a couple of weeks ago.

I was working an extra shift on my day off and another teacher and I rode the train home together. This scene greeted us when we got on the train.

Unfortunately I can't move the crap at the right side of the screen so that the full video is viewable from this website.

Public intoxication is really common in Japan and isn't frowned upon. I've seen more drunk people stumbling around the streets here than I ever did at university. And no one cares.


  1. It's probably the same reason they have ads with scantily clad 14-year-old women in them on the subway. Japanese people, from what little I know, seem to be really polite and proper in most social situations. But it's probably unnatural to be that polite, so they also seem to have a very permissive attitude toward specific vices that we tend to frown upon over here.

  2. That seems to be the same theory most of us here have. They're super polite and reserved pretty much all the time, so they have these vices to get release.

    I've seen more men staring at porn on the train or reading it in the convenience store than I have anywhere else. For me what's weird isn't that they look at it - it's that I don't find it weird anymore.